Voodoo Fest 2017


The Vibe:

For all the hassle getting in this, this was shockingly chill for a city festival. Everyone enjoyed themselves and mostly kept to themselves.  You might think this is just college kids that live nearby but there are a ton of out-of-towners and the few strangers we did talk to were open.  The great thing is you get the vibe from New Orleans as well as Voodoo.  Even though the music ended early the part spilled out into the streets with everyone still in costume and feeling the Halloween spirit.


The Music:


Best Set: K Dot

Say what you will about the stage performance needing a little work.  This set was a hip hop set for those who love hip hop. We knew every word to every track and were so wrapped up in the music we got lost through most of the set.  If K Dot had a plan here it was complete fan service and the crowd was eating it up.  No one left that set wishing he'd played their song, everyone got what they came for.


Worst Set: nghtmre

This guy just hasn't been the same since the Gud Vibrations tour ended.  In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a bad set, just not what we were hoping for.  He played more heavy stuff than we were interested in hearing and honestly just seemed like he wasn't feeling it himself.


Most Surprising Set: Brand new

So, clearly we grew up with this band, so their music wasn't new,  But their stage presence was.  They fucking murdered their set.  Jesse hasn't looked like he liked his job in probably 12 years but he did at Voodoo!  Every bit was excellent, they gave their fans what they wanted. They are a band we're sure to go see live on their tour before they stop rocking out for good at the end of next year. 



Miles Traveled: 643

Money Spent: $440

Steps Taken: 26,845








The venue is in this huge park, but not the whole park, this is where the problems start.  Everyone is taking ubers so getting in was impossible and we ended up walking in from so far away our legs felt like it was midnight as soon as we got in.  We thought getting in was the worst... until we tried to get out.  In theory is makes sense to have an uber pick up.  But trying to get out of that area single file was absurd.  Our options were to walk 45 minutes away to catch a cab or wait 2+ hours to get to an airbnb that was 9 miles away.

Maybe we're getting spoiled on larger festivals where the main stages have enough room for everyone.  We generally don't mind being in the back as long as we can see. But at Voodoo there was no space in the sightline of the main stages no matter how far back you went. You eventually hit a wall and were forced to be on the sides, which is fine, unless you want to see the actual stage performance. Thankfully the sound was fine, so even if we couldn't see we could dance, which is kind of a crucial part of any set.