Okeechobee 2018 Lineup Review


diversity: Worse

For two years now, we've been going to this great little festival that did such a good job of having something for everyone.  We'd never begrudge them for trying to get bigger and make more money.  However, it seems they're doing it at the expense of diversity.   Last year we had Hip Hop and R&B, this year we just have Rap.  Last year we had enough electronic music to dance the night away, this year we'll just have "late night" sets playing when it's still light outside.


2018 genre diversity

2017 genre diversity


Headliners: Worse

This, for us, is the most disappointing part.  The headliners feel like fan service to the radio-listeners in the crowd.  Halsey is only famous for being on a Chainsmokers song.  If you know her other songs you'll know her lyrics only get less inspired when she writes songs alone.  Bassnectar is always a good time, but do we need to recycle headliners on the 3rd year of this thing?  As far as we're concerned Arcade Fire is our only saving grace here.

okeechobee lineup.jpg

Overall: Worse

When we heard they were raising ticket prices this year we weren't upset.  "The more the merrier" we thought, when we heard they were raising the number of people they'd allow to attend.  But with this lineup announcement we feel that our little Florida festival has left us.  At the end of the day, Okeechobee has been a beautiful experience.  If you're excited about 2018, we don't judge, nor do we doubt that you'll have a good time.  We likely won't see you there though.

#FESTBEAT Least Excited About

  1. Halsey
  2. Travis Scott
  3. Judah and the Lion
  4. Kyle
  5. Nerve

#FESTBEAT Most Excited About 

  1. Arcade Fire
  2. Sylvan Esso
  3. Tycho
  4. Hiss Golden Monkey
  5. Jai Wolf