Your Lollapalooza 2017 Homework

Unlike Pluto:

  • If you like: DJ Snake or Zedd’s Dead
  • When: Thursday @ 1:15pm
  • Where: Perry’s

Unlike Pluto is the DJ for kids who like Twenty-One pilots… which is a weird thing to come out of Atlanta.  He played, hands down, the best EDM set at Bonnaroo this year.  Can’t wait to see what he brings to the park!

Atlas Genius:

  • If you like: The Killers or Foster the People
  • When: Thursay @ 6:50pm
  • Where: BMI

Atlas Genius is one of the only bands writing pop that doesn’t desperately wish it was “Shut up and Dance.”  Something about the give and take of the hook between the keyboard and the guitar makes for great tunes and an even better live performance.

San Holo:

  • If you like: Porter Robinson
  • When: Friday @ 1:15pm
  • Where: Perry’s

San Holo found a space in our hearts by producing these doughy synth tracks that are sprinkled with light-hearted staccato hooks.  Since then he’s been making some of the prettiest dance tracks and inexplicably saying “swirl” all the time… and we love it.

Middle kids:

  • If you like:  The Head and The Heart or Ryan Adams.
  • When: Thursday @ 2:50pm
  • Where: Pepsi

This Australian rock trio has a sound that ranges from brighter Americana sounds to more traditional rock and roll.  The soulful vocals act as the glue, translating easily from one style to the next.

White Reaper:

  • If you like: Cage the Elephant or Blink 182
  • When: Thursday @ 12.45pm
  • Where: Grant Park

White Reaper is a punk band from Louisville, KY.  When we say punk we mean real punk in all it’s grit and glory.  Listening to the White Reaper live makes you want to flip someone off and high five someone all at the same time.