Your In Bloom 2018 Homework


  • If you like: Martin Garixx
  • When: Saturday @ 2:00pm
  • Where: Ostara

His own tracks are summer-y and kinda make you want to skip through the fields of a music festival.  But he does so without getting lost in the cuteness of that Louis the Child-esque sound.  Listening to him you’d think it was somewhere to go for lighter sounds and not so much big room beat drops, but he knows how to bring the party when he plays live.

Son little:

  • If you like: Gramatik
  • When: Sunday @ 1:40pm
  • Where: Flora

These songs play in the introspective-walk-through-the-rain-scene in the movie of your life.  This soulful singer-songwriter may be least well-known critically acclaimed artist at In Bloom, or any festival you’ve been to this year.


  • If you like: Lil Uzi Vert or Lil Dicky
  • When: Saturday @ 2:50pm
  • Where: Flora

Rapper Sugar Tongue Slim is toeing a very thin line of being a throwback artist and something incredibly fresh.  His flow is reminiscent of Lil Wayne in the early 2000’s but it isn’t cheapened by low-brow plays on words.  Couple that with piano and brass driven soul tracks and you’ll barely believe you’re listening to someone who came from the home of trap.


  • If you like: Broken Social Scene
  • When: Sunday @ 11:10am
  • Where: Fauna

There’s a psychedelic quality to this little indie band.  Each note sort of floats into the next creating this low fi ambient sound that draw you in.  Despite this, they’re rumored to be a really high energy show when you catch them live.


  • If you like:  Slander
  • When: Saturday @ 3:40pm
  • Where: Ostara

When we saw LOUDPVCK last year, they brought their LA trap sound to the party, and the party was never the same!  The pit looked like a party scene from a Matrix movie.  The duo took turns hitting the crowd with track after track of high energy music and well-crafted bass, rarely taking their foot off the accelerator.   The true test of a performance, we can’t wait to see them again.