Hulaween 2017 Lineup Review


diversity: The Same

We’ve heard a lot of grumbling online about not wanting too much EDM (read: Bassnectar) at Hulaween.  Looking at the breakdown by genre though the percentage of Electronica vs Dance vs Jam is about the same; with only a slight up-tick in indie and hip hop this year.


2017 genre diversity

2016 genre diversity


Headliners: different

It’s clear that this festival is stretching and trying to grow, specifically when you look at the headliners.  This year’s headliners offer more diverse options but leave us wondering who could possibly play against whom because they’re all so different.

hulaween lineup.jpg

Overall: worse but still awesome

Hulaween has truly grown into a new phase of life.  Having embraced the proper electronic movement, without discarding what put them on the map, Hula is ready to jump into the next level in regard to the national festival zeitgeist.  While those who've grown up with this festival will have that "you can't go home again" feeling, we still anticipate a fantastic experience with the same overall spirit.

#FESTBEAT Most Excited About 

  1. Griz
  2. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  3. Claude Vonstroke
  4. Run the Jewels
  5. Moon Taxi

#FESTBEAT Least Excited About

  1. Bassnectar
  2. Marco Benevento
  3. RL Grime
  4. Vince Staples
  5. Ween