Holy Ship! 2018 Lineup Review


diversity: same

With the departure of The Hardfather there were some real reasons for concern about this.  One of the things that makes Ship special is the style of the lineup.  Thankfully the only real difference we see is the absence of the electronica bands like Rufus Du Sol and Bob Moses from last year.


8.0 & 9.0 diversity

10.0 & 11.0 diversity


Headliners: worse

This is not to say that there are no headliners we're stoked about.  Just that there are notably less actual headliners this year.  It seems like there was an inability to book bigger names and so the promoted DJs who were only middle card names last year.

holyship lineup.jpg

Overall: worse... but if you care you're missing the point

We are so thrilled that the lineup is finally out.  Clearly, we are interested in who's playing, we have a whole blog about it!  But this event is about the music, and at the same time about so much more.  For anyone that thought there was something that could be done to the lineup that would ruin Holy Ship... we're not sure what to say to you, but if you're cool you can still ship with us.

#FESTBEAT Most Excited About 

  1. Big Wid
  2. Mija
  3. Party Favor
  4. Kaskade
  5. Manila Killa

#FESTBEAT Least Excited About

  1. Snails
  2. Malaa
  3. Ghastly
  4. 12th Planet
  5. Dombresky