High Water 2018 Lineup Review


diversity: The Same

Last year, amid a sea of festivals trying to offer “something for everyone” High Water Fest popped up and decided to do something different.  This hometown festival established itself a niche, doing one thing really well: Indie Americana.  This coming year’s lineup as well is so specialized that it’s allowing us to appreciate the difference between styles within genre.  By committing to a smaller variation between artists High Water is actually able to differentiate themselves more than they would if they were trying to differentiate their lineup!


2018 genre diversity

2017 genre diversity


Headliners: The Same

Like, eerily similar.  We feel like anyone who was stoked about The Shins last year is getting excited for Band of Horses, and anyone who was hyped for The Avett Brothers is just as pumped for Jason Isbell.  This isn't a bad thing, mostly just shocking that so many of the exact same patrons will likely be at the exact same level of excitement.

high water lineup.jpg

Overall: Better

We saw some sets at High Water last year that were some of our favorite artist discoveries of the year, preliminary results from looking through the bottom card of next years lineup make us hopeful for the same.  The real winner here is the middle card.  Shovels and Rope has managed to curate a balance of emerging artists and critically acclaimed acts that would almost count has headliners in our book.  Can’t wait to see y’all at River Front Park.   

#FESTBEAT Least Excited About

  1. Jeff Tweedy
  2. Old 97's
  3. Nicole Atkins

#FESTBEAT Most Excited About 

  1. Hamilton Leithauser
  2. Jason Isbell
  3. Shaky Graves