Your Firefly 2017 Homework


  • If you like: Kesha or Capitol Cities
  • When: Thursday @ 2:30pm
  • Where: The Southwest Hub

Fletcher is a pop song writer whose lyrics run a little deeper.  The themes she sings about range from simple love songs to the adolescent search for meaning or the questioning of gender roles.  Def an artist to watch.


  • If you like: Flume
  • When: Friday @ 3:15pm
  • Where: The Pavilion

Ayokay writes upbeat floating tracks with subtle piano accents.  When he gets to the drop; the beat seems to land in a bed of feathers.  Now imagine all that coupled with the promise that you’ll be pumped up not sleepy after his set.  Enjoy.

roadkill ghost choir:

  • If you like: The Shins or Weezer
  • When: Thursday @ 4:00pm
  • Where: The Southwest Hub

Roadkill Ghost Choir first came on our radar playing the smallest stage at GMF in Tampa a few years ago.  They look like they grew up on medal and play their roots-rock tunes as though they were thrashers.  Fans of War on Drugs and Foals shouldn’t miss this set.

Saint Wknd:

  • If you like: Galantis or Gryffin
  • When: Sunday @ 2:00pm
  • Where: The Pavilion

Don’t let Saint Wknd’s non-descript singles on Spotify confuse you- we saw this man open for Mija and he definitely knows how to play to the crowd and get people moving.

Warm Brew:

  • If you like: Chance the Rapper or Lil Dicky
  • When: ... apparently firefly doesn't want us to know
  • Where: Camping

The trap scene has left a lot of rap with a more drawn out flow.  Enter Warm Brew; a hip-hop trio from Cali that can write a song about shakin asses and gettin money without making us feel like we’re listening to a pop track.  Thanks guys.