Electric Forest 2017


The Vibe:

We understand why Electric Forest is referred to by many as “home.”  Bonnaroo is home to us, this was like the sweet college party you sneak out of your home to go to.  The experience is something that cannot be challenged by any musical festival.  A great combination of lazy days spent chatting between naps in our hammocks- and crazy nights where you see things you can't explain...  


The Music:


Best Set: Matoma

As the previous set ended, we gathered our tribe, affectionately dubbed: Camp Rabbit Hole, to head in and secure a spot Matoma.  We made our way to the rail, just as the excitement hit, we could not wait for this set!  The opening was amazing and Matoma had the island feels hitting hard right from the start.  The Rabbit Hole groove was definitely in full effect as he wove that old-school rap swagger, with those cool island overtones.  It was incredible.  The highlight of his set was his stunning re-work of Swedish House Mafia's “Don't You Worry Child.”  Thinking about our fathers brought a tear to a few eyes.  In that moment, our only thought was "Life Is So Beautiful."

thanks to our guest contributor @nickortolani


Worst Set:Nero

  Nothing against NERO, we actually love their music.  But it wasn’t until we left AC Slater (who killed it at the Forest stage) that we found out that this was just a DJ set.  Things come up and we get that, but we did not receive the update that Alana was unable to make the event (due to her pregnancy from what I heard through the grapevine).  Nero delivered a good make-up set filled with their hits but ultimately, we wish we would have stayed at the Forest Stage that night.

thanks to our guest contributor @domenicrao


Most Surprising Set: Eden

After traveling Wednesday, and taking Thursday to set up, we were eager to see Forest.  However we had committed not to see the forest until it got dark. The only problem?  Eden, an act we would come to call the best hidden gem of the weekend, was playing 8:15 on Sherwood Court.  The solution?  BLINDFOLDS ON and follow the leader!  And my-oh-my are we happy we did.  Eden’s incredible voice, coupled with his ability to play multiple instruments, and read a crowd had us melting.  We completely understand why Illenium plays so much of his music, it has the right vibe, and it was the perfect introduction into the Beauty that is "Sherwood Forest".  

thanks to our guest contributor @nickortolani



Miles Traveled: 642

Money Spent: enough

Steps Taken: a ton








Upon arriving to EFF, we waited around three hours to get into the festival groups and to our camp. The line started on the 31-N highway but was lined with port-a-potties and good vibes rolling in from neighboring cars. Eventually, our group was stationed in Camp AC and we quickly set up with the caravan of cars we arrived with. We were able to place a pin on our campsite on the app which was super convenient.

A huge variety of food and merchandise vendors were available throughout the grounds inside and outside of the festival.

Our group had no issues with theft at the campsites and we were generally happy with maintenance. Bathrooms were cleaned frequently and mud that accumulated over the course of the week had been taken care of by the end of the festival.