Electric Forest 2018 Lineup Review


diversity: Worse

If you haven't been to forest before, you wouldn't notice.  At first glance it doesn't seem like there's overwhelmingly more indie producers or bass heavy DJs than last year.  The devil is in the detail of the shrinking number of jam bands.  Whether that's your cup of tea or not, part of the magic of forest was taking a disco-nap among the trees with a fiddle or a banjo floating in the background.  That will be sorely missed this year.


2018 genre diversity

2017 genre diversity


Headliners: Same

The only way you're arguing against these headliners is if you're a diehard Above and Beyond fan or obsessed with My Morning Jacket.  And that's ok, because there is an army of people across the country rejoicing at the idea of a Griz live band set on both weekends!  Even though we're thinking "Seriously? Marshmello in the forest of all places?" we see it balanced out with smart moves like Testpilot and Rufus Du Sol.  2018 is doing as good a job as 2017 at making people extremely happy with the top line- and that's impressive.

eforest lineup.jpg

Overall: Same

We're leaning towards weekend 2 (as is the rest of the internet apparently).  But these lineups are so good that even if goodlife sells out and we have to go on weekend 1, we're not going to be heartbroken.  We get to see our "resident artists", who are almost always there, and catch some great artists that we think are perfect for the vibe of this festival.  Most importantly we trust that there are gems on this lineup that we don't know yet.  The magic of the forest will bring us these discoveries just as it has in years past.

#FESTBEAT Least Excited About

  1. Malaa
  2. Bonobo
  3. Green Velvet
  4. Herobust
  5. Marshmello

#FESTBEAT Most Excited About 

  1. Griz live band
  2. Mija
  3. Galantis
  4. Hiss Golden Messenger
  5. Chris Lake