Your Coachella 2018 Homework

Perfume genius:

  • If you like: Kygo or Odesza
  • When: Friday

At first this may seem like an odd recco, as Perfume Genius is not electronic music.  But this west coast solo pop artist has something special going on.  There is a thick orchestral sound to his music, something almost Bowie-esque.  With music box melodies and soaring crescendos, you’re bound to get the feels from this set.


  • If you like: SZA or Soulwax
  • When: Saturday

There is so much happening on Yaeji’s tracks, and it is happening so subtly.  She has a mellow house style that wreaks of Brooklyn.  Her rhythmic beats just feel top-shelf, like it could be the back-beat to high fashion models walking the runway.  Combine that kind of song writing with her creative range as a bi-lingual vocalist and you’ve got a very unique musical experience.

Japanese Breakfast:

  • If you like: St. Vincent or Haim
  • When: Sunday

It isn’t easy to categorize Japanese Breakfast by genre, but we’re pretty sure if you’re into indie female rockers and vocalists you’ll get it.  It’s a little dreamy, a little experimental, and has a feel of post-punk revival.  All topped with the cherry of an endearing high belt carrying the melody along.  She’s bound to put on a unique show.

cash cash:

  • If you like: Louis the Child or Chromeo
  • When: Friday

Much like our experience with Galantis at Shaky Beats, we expect this to be the guilty pleasure set that really pays off.  This trio is pure, unapologetic, poppy af electronic dance music.  Cash Cash might get a little grittier live, and we hope Bebe Rexha joins them on stage.  If not, we can still all but guarantee you’ll leave this set in a good mood.

HUndred Waters:

  • If you like:  Fleet Foxes or Alt-J
  • When: Saturday

This trio was our first great set at Bonnaroo 2016, artfully blending folk and electronica in a way we wouldn’t expect to work.  The lead singer’s airy vocals draw haunting lines through their songs.  But the general feeling is elevating and enriching, as though you learned something by listening to them.