3 Must See Voodoo 2018 Bands

If you like arctic monkeys

Wondering who else on the Voodoo 2018 lineup you should check out? Well if you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys here are three other artists The Festival Beat fam thinks you’ll enjoy!

rainbow kitten surprise

A crowd favorite for keeping alive the infectious indie rock sounds of years past.  If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll likely see them in the crowd jamming out to other bands throughout the day. 

Reminds us of:

  • Modest Mouse

  • Of Monsters & Men

white reaper

White Reaper is a punk band from Louisville, KY.  When we say punk, we mean real punk in all its grit and glory.  Listening to them makes you want to flip someone off and high five someone all at the same time.

Reminds us of:

  • Jimmy Eat World


The story of how this band formed perfectly matches their crunchy grunge-metal sound. Lead singer Wilde saw Cash walking around school with a tuba and asked: "You look cool, do you play guitar?"

Reminds us of:

  • Hole

  • The Redlands


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