3 Must See Voodoo 2018 Artists

If you like childish gambino

Wondering who else on the Voodoo 2018 lineup you should check out? Well if you’re a fan of Childish Gambino here are three other artists The Festival Beat fam thinks you’ll enjoy!


Through the forest of indie-rock and electronic music that makes up most lineups comes this alt-hip-hop artist who drew us in with her pop sensibilities.

Reminds us of:

  • Lauryn Hill

  • Destiny’s Child

janelle monae

Tuxedo clad, critically acclaimed, and multi talented heartland native Janelle Monae brings an incredible element of theatre to her live sets. She creates a pop and R&B sound that even a Pitchfork music snob can love.

Reminds us of:

  • Janet Jackson

  • Grimes

jack harlow

Imagine a little boy in Kentucky listening to hip hop with his mom, wanting to grow up to be a rapper. Kinda makes the music that much better. Even without the back story, the solid flow he sets over trap tracks is a welcome break from mumble rap.

Reminds us of:

  • Drake


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