3 Must See Hulaween 2018 Artists

If you like odesza

Wondering who else on the Hulaween 2018 lineup you should check out? Well if you’re a fan of Odesza here are three other artists The Festival Beat fam thinks you’ll enjoy!

Jade cicada

This Denver based electronica DJ produces the kind of floaty tracks you want to end your night on when you’re not quite ready for bed.

Reminds us of:

  • Tycho


If you’re looking for a blend of house and techno vibes these 3 guys have got you covered.  Incorporating live instruments in the middle of their dance tracks- there’s something fun and tribal about this band

Reminds us of:

  • Yotto


Pretty and floaty. This is a set that was put on the lineup to give you and your fam a moment to put your arms around each other and bask in the moment. 

Reminds us of:

  • Kygo


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